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Some trips call for all the stops – car service, luxury dining, memorable excursions. But there are also those times you want to just show up to a resort and beach bum it all weekend. No matter the scale, we’ll work closely with you to handle all the details from destination research down to all of your detailed bookings.

Curate and Chill

Your B Luxe Escapes advisor can do as little or as much as you choose. Although your complimentary consultation will allow us to understand your more specific travel needs, below you'll find a brief overview of our services and starting prices.

Memories made by you

GETAWAY – Complimentary

UNPLUG - $150

experience - $350

Hotel Booking Only

Hotel Research, Proposal, and Booking

Full Trip Planning | Up to 10 days and up to 2 people

*Travel design fees are charged once you’ve selected your service to begin the design phase of your trip experience. Please note, fees are subject to change without notice & are non-refundable.

Starting Prices

Perks of an Advisor

In an era of instant information, some may ask, why use a travel advisor?

Repeat after us: Nothing replaces human experience…nothing replaces experience!

When time itself is a luxury, B Luxe Escapes steps in to put forth effort and consideration into every step of the planning process. Meaning you can close the endless number of Google tabs and overwhelming reviews and trust that you’ll get the best experiences and service each city has to offer.

As a proud affiliate of a leading global network of agencies, B Luxe Escapes has exclusive access to over 1,800 of the industry’s best hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and so much more.

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We travel not to escape, 

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Before we take the planning duties off your hands, we believe in collaborating to understand what your next trip looks like. The first thing we will do with you on your complimentary consultation call is learn everything there is to know about your preferred travel style and ideal type of vacation. We will also take note of your budget & special requests and then choose the best package for you.



Now is when you relax! After the consultation call, we’ll begin working our magic. Here, we’ll tap into our extensive network of vetted, luxury contacts to curate a customized itinerary tailored to your vacation ideal type. Based on your package, you will receive options in the form of a proposal and from there we’ll work together until every detail is perfect.



Once your destination and itinerary have been confirmed, we will assist you with any other details for your trip. You can be as hands-on or hands-off during this process. We can book and manage all of your travel arrangements, provide you with important contact numbers, keep you up to date with currency exchange and COVID protocol, as well as handle any other details for your trip.



At last, you’re on your way! During your trip, we will check in with you to ensure everything is going smoothly. If you need any assistance, B Luxe Escapes will be available to help as best as we can. Upon your return, we’ll check in with you once more to hear how your experience went and gather any feedback you may have.


Happy Travelers

- Cynthia & Michael

"B Luxe Escapes was professional, and absolutely phenomenal! Brittani guided us through the travel process from start to finish. We were fully prepared and knew exactly what to expect from departure to arrival. The travel app allowed us to have all of our plans in one location. The automatic reminders were sent to remind us of every single thing! Thanks B Luxe Escapes for helping us to enjoy our trip without the usual stressors."

- Nikki J.

"If you have no idea where to begin looking or even know what to do when planning a memorable trip, Brittani Robertson is the one that makes it all happen. She has planned many group trips for us and they just get better each time. She is very organized and listens to the needs of everyone in our group to create a seamless, exciting vacation. Brittani has always been amazing at making sure everyone is accommodated for and smiling while being able to experience new things on their trip. I’m not sure what took her so long to start B Luxe Escapes...but you will not be disappointed!!!"

- Albert M.

"Working with Brittani Robertson on the planning of this trip was very easy and informative. Her "can do" attitude was second to none! All our questions were answered and her research was always on point...with great recommendations of which we did accept and thankful we did. Brittani is the best and I highly recommend her to all that read this review. We will definitely use her in the future. Brittani, you rock!!"

- Sue M.

"Working with Brittani was a great experience! All she needed was a few details to put together a trip to remember! From the beginning of the process she kept me up to date on every detail. From checking in to getting board passes I was excited to begin my trip. She even checked on me to make sure I was ready to take off and wanted me to check in during my transfers. Once I arrived she made sure I was there safe and told me what to do in case of emergency!!! She was amazing and planned an awesome trip for me. Every thing that she had planned for me while I was there was seamless. I couldn't have asked for a better more attentive travel agent. I am looking forward to working with her on my next adventure!"

Ready to Getaway?

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When you envision your dream vacation, what do you see? Do you see beautiful white, sandy beaches with crashing waves? Do you see yourself hiking in the lush, green mountains? Maybe, you see yourself experiencing another culture altogether. Whatever you envision, a travel agent from B Luxe Escapes can make your dream a reality.

You can rest assured that we will remove the stress of travel planning so that you can have the relaxing and memorable vacation you deserve after all your hard work. We are ready and willing to work with you, so contact us today with a complimentary call. We want you to have the trip of a lifetime.

Learn more about our travel agency serving Dallas, TX, through our about page. On that page, you can see our goals and aspirations for you and your trip, and you can understand why we are so dedicated to helping you and your family.